How Do I Start a Volunteer Group?

First of all, good for you!! You are making an effort to help control invasive species. Getting started depends on where you are starting from. If you already have a group of concerned people that have identified a problem, then you are well on your way.

A volunteer group can be a great way to focus attention on a discrete area such as a park, or a neighborhood. Any place where there is an invasive weed that you feel compelled to control. First, make sure that you know the ownership of the land that you want to work on and be sure to obtain permission to control the target invasive plant. Check out Tucson Clean and Beautiful to see if there are any projects already happening near you. If there are not, you may be able to create your own project with Tucson Clean and Beautiful which can give you access to some resources and tools.

The next step is to get the word out to the community about the weed to increase enthusiasm for the group. You can request a speaker to come and give a talk to your group about the plant, the speaker can also give you information about how to positively identify the plant and how to explain to others how to identify the plant.

Then you can post your first control event on social media; if it is buffelgrass or fountain grass you can post the event to the web site.

Group of volunteers
Photo: Julia Rowe

Safety Tips For Buffelgrass Work Parties



Safety Working along Roadsides:

If a dangerous situation develops (e.g. bee swarm or animal acting strangely) leave area immediately.

Identification in Winter:

Identification in Summer:

Removal Technique

Clean Up:

Written by Jim Arkoosh , Saddlebrooke, 2.10.09

Two volunteers
Photo: Julia Rowe